Les Pommi'z®

C'est trognon et trop bon

About Les Pommi'z®

To each his own apple!

Who said apples were only for grown-ups? With Les Pommi’z®, the youngest among us finally have an apple of the right size for their little hands!

Thanks to their small size, Les Pommi’z® are easy to take everywhere, and will quickly become our children’s perfect sidekicks at every moment of the day: from breakfast to dessert in the evening, including playtime or snack time, at home or out and about, at family picnics or with friends, for example!

Whether red, green or yellow, Les Pommi’z® come from selected varieties renowned for their nutritional qualities and unique taste: our little ones will love them and forget about the chocolate bars and other sweets in their cupboards!

A great opportunity for them to adopt a healthier, more balanced diet, while enjoying themselves.

Small in size but big on commitment!

The farmers producing Les Pommi’z® have been committed to sustainable agriculture for many years, preserving agricultural potential for future generations: so that our children can eat Pommi’z® for a long time to come!

This approach is known as agroecology. It is based on four different pillars:

• Optimizing the use of fertilizers and crop protection products, using precision farming.

• Crop protection through the presence of “natural auxiliaries”, such as bees and various species of birds pests.
• Preservation of natural resources (biodiversity, water and soil).
• The richness of living soil, with better use of nutrients of nutrients, soil and water.

These virtuous approaches, which guide the steps of our growers day after day, year after year, have enabled our growers’ cooperative to obtain the Vergers Ecoresponsables, Haute Valeur Environnementale 3 and RSE Confirmé certifications.

Good for our children, better for our producers

With Les Pommi’z®, small apples have the right to a brilliant end to their careers!

Les Pommi’z® limits the losses linked to the many apples that could not take the royal road, i.e. that of our supermarket shelves, and guarantees each grower a fair reward for the work they put in throughout the year to bring you tasty fruit!

Singular, tasty varieties

Sweet or tangy, crunchy or melt-in-the-mouth…

Each Pommi’z® has its own color, and each color has its own unique taste!

Les Pommi’z® are nothing more and nothing less than the smallest specimens from apple trees producing singular varieties well-known to the general public for their unique flavours.

These are grown in the orchards of Cofruid’Oc, in the Hérault region of France, and have been carefully selected for their incomparable nutritional and taste qualities. They also enjoy a well-established reputation among consumers, and rightly so!

Goodies all year round

With his friendly, endearing face, our little purple-scaled dragon is sure to capture the hearts of the little ones!

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